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Just listened to the podcast and remembered something said by Paul Dini one of the producers when you brought up the point of how people react to the monster:-

"… the monster is sort of a reflection of yourself. The pilot saw it in horror and he was killed because he feared the monster. Locke saw the monster with true awe, therefore, he was able to survive his encounter.”

Smoke and mirrors?Reflection?



Nice and ecko saw the smoke as some kind of devil, but believing he was a priest he knew as a follower of god he could stand against it and defeat it. badabingbadaboom


Ok, this is super-geeky, and saying this will cause me to loose all credibility BUT the island is like the planet in the Original Star Trek eipsode Shore Leave. In that episode the crew of the Enterprise are on a seemingly nice planet, but little do they know the planet is full of machines that read their thoughts and produce replicate whatever they are thinking about. The idea behind the planet is that you think nice thoughts like lying on the beach and you'll turn the corner and there will be a nice sandy beach. In the episode, however, the crew thinks about bad things; tigers, old enemies, evil knights, etc.

WHAT IF the lostaways are in a similar situation. Kate thinks about a horse, there's a horse. Jack thinks about his dad, there's his dad. Walt is pissed at his dad and thinks about his comic book, there's a polar bear attacking him. Locke has a dream about being back in the wheelchair and BAM, starts losing the ability to walk.

Yeah it's stupid, but a funny parallel I noticed. ;)


I dont think that's stupid at all given the other parallels that have already been explored on the show. Good observation.


Great podcast guys, I like how indepth you go into your analysis and commentary. Some random thoughts:

1] The possibility of Mike hallucinating his encounter with Walt via the computer. If this is so, then what part of his subconscious would make him envision Walt saying "You need to" - 'con', or was it 'com'?. 'Contact'? Or if 'Come', then where? Where is he going to go to look for Walt? Somewhere he's been before, that his subconscious is telling him to go? The Arrow station perhaps?

2] I think chaos theory plays a big part in this series, I dont know if the writers have mentioned it much but I think it would explain all the 'coincidences' between the characters. I posted a theory on this on The Fuselage (yeah, I know, another theory!) so check it out if you like. I use the same nick there.

Anyway, keep up the good work!


With the onslaught of similarities to other shows/ anyone reminded of the Southpark episode "Simpsons Already Did It", where Butters is acting out his character Dr. Chaos, who is trying to punish the people of Southpark by doing some "evil deed"...although every plot he comes up with has already been done by the Simpsons.

Perhaps it is all the same here...there is nothing new and all of these theories "fit" into old show/book ideas because they have ALL been done already. There is nothing new left to "do".

If you are still working with "explainable" theories...check out these articles by NanoTechnology expert J Storrs Hall (Josh Hall):


A system normally constitutes a series or a group of things working together so it's conceivable that the smoke monster was only one aspect of the security system. Maybe it was the monster, maybe it was the nanobot/ smart dust scout for some kind of biological monster or it could be a system of many nanobots acting as one synthetic monster. Just an idea

Joe Schmoe

Hey guys in UK. Check out bittorrent, you will never have any problems getting any lost episodes on it. has a good list to get you started.


I have noticed two errors in Eko's scripture

1. I am not sure if this is on purpose, but there is an error in Psalm 23 that Eko recites. He says "The shadow of the valley of Death" when the correct verse is "The Valley of the Shadow of Death".

2. Eko carves the word "Revelations" into his stick which is actually "Revelation", Hollywood seems to love adding the "s" onto the end of it.

Larry Paris

I see many similarities between the cloud and the nanobots in the book Prey by Micheal Crighton. Actually the whole series is very similar to Crightons writing style in each of his books he does a ton of research on current scientific research (in the case of Prey intelligent nano-robots) and then injects a little scifi and cinematic flare. Many of his books concepts are scientifically sound just like the claims from Lost's writers that thier concepts are scientifically sound. Thats it thats all just saw the smoke and the first thing that came ot mind were the swarms from Crighton's book.


Biolite wrote:
"WHAT IF the lostaways are in a similar situation. Kate thinks about a horse, there's a horse. Jack thinks about his dad, there's his dad. Walt is pissed at his dad and thinks about his comic book, there's a polar bear attacking him. Locke has a dream about being back in the wheelchair and BAM, starts losing the ability to walk.

Yeah it's stupid, but a funny parallel I noticed. ;)"

I don't think you have lost any credibility and I don't think your idea is stupid. I really believe in the ability we all have to manifest. Using meditation, visualization, special dream skills, and other tools, we all have this innate ability. I believe we all do it in the "dream world" and from time to time in this world. There are people who train and study and develope the skills and experience necessary to harness this ability at will.

A fantastic set of boods are the Seth books written by Jane Roberts by Seth, a non-physical entity as transcribed and recorded by her husband Robert F Butts. The book I am thinking most of right now is "The Nature of Personal Reality". If you have an open mind, I urge you to check it out.

I'd like to thank the LOSTCast team. As always, a very very interesting and thoughtful podcast. Thanks for all the very interesting links here, too. For anyone who hasn't checked out the video of Eko, the "monster" and Charlie, I urge you to download the video. It is amazing!

Peace, Laura


Here are my few theories/ponderings:

First, I was thinking that maybe Michael's sudden and mysterious communication with Walt is, as many people have already said, not Walt at all. But it could possibly be the Island's test for Michael, drawing him into the jungle to test him just as Sawyer, Jack, Kate, Locke, etc. have been tested before. I think, moreover I hope the episode The Hunting Party tonight will show us.

Second, as many have theorized, I also can't help thinking that the black smoke is another aspect of the Island-being-Purgatory idea in which it is the one, along with the others that decides who is good enough to go to heaven and who is not. And the way it was "scanning" Eko it was checking to see if he might be worthy. Which leads me to my next point that although Eko seems to have repented quite a bit for his mistakes, what else has he to put to rest? The same going for Locke.

Also I wonder if the computer, and entering the numbers might quite possibly be a system set up to contain the black smoke to this island. And if they were not to enter the numbers it would lead to a shut down of the system, releasing the black smoke into the world. Which in turn would set off Judgement Day, for the smoke would go through the world seeing who was worthy for heaven and who needed to remain in Purgatory (now the whole world, not just the island) to clear up their sins. The only glitch in that would be that Jesus Christ is supposed to judge the living (and the dead) on Judgement day, which means my theory would be saying that this frighteningly haunting, black smoke is Jesus, which I personally can't quite come to terms with.
Anyway, those are my thoughts, sorry it's so long, hope it kinda makes sense. Love your podcasts!!


When Desmond is revealed and tells them to get the film, he says "It's behind The Turning of the Screw". I think this is an important clue. I was wondering what anyone thinks about this being a ghost story, instead of a sci-fi story?

Idea: Everything that manifests itself on the island is a ghost, caught on the island by the electro-magnetic field. The containment room is to protect people from the smoke, which is the evil ghosts, and the codes keep the containment field in place. In almost EVERY backstory we've seen, there is death. Kate, Jack, Locke, Sawyer... their personal ghosts are on the island which is why the plane crashed... the black smoke "grabbed" them from the sky and brought them to the island for retribution.

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