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Each week we analyze the mysteries, theories and speculation surrounding the show. LOSTCasts is hosted by John Keehler, Robert Stone and Matt Jones.

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Wow - that's *EXACTLY* the theory I was thinking of !

Keep up the great Podcasts guys - you're much appreciated in the UK, where I am desperately trying to keep up with Series 2 via the wonders of the Internet and BitTorrent :-)

P.S. Was I the only viewer who was glad when whining Shannon got shot ?


1] Trust me guys, Henry is Desmond's replacement, you'll see...

2] I honestly believe the writers have an end game and have 90% of the series plotted out. I'm speaking from a writer's perspective, because I imagine that when you're put in charge of a show like this its a Godsend and you live and breathe it 24/7. Lindelof must have tons and tons of notes of things he wants in each episode of each season, and he's probably planned for like 5 seasons ahead or something, with a backup ending for each season incase the show is pulled suddenly. I do think things will change in the story from time to time for various reasons, budgetary, etc, but I believe there is an end game and that most of this series will make complete sense in the end and wont be like Twin Peaks or The Prisoner where the audience just goes "WTF happened!?".

Raz Minder

Nice! Closing out the show with the Magnum PI theme song was great. Maybe Macgyver next week.

Gavin - The Space Ship Theory


Dude!!! My hurly weight loss comment was just a joke!! It was just a funny way to finish off the whacky comment.

I would just like to make it clear that i think hurley is one of the the best chracters on the island.

It's really cool that lostcast's red out my mad theory. But dam man you slated me on the air waves, just for a quick gag.

Anyway no harm done & my appoligise to all lost and hurly fans, no offence was inteded.

Anyway great job guy's keep it up. And rember the uk is tuning in.

Stay Lost.....


comments test


Hey guys,

Thanks for another great Lostcast. That really helped us through the break.

One gripe that came up from earlier: we would really love to find out a bit about you guys. You mentioned that your guest Jim Kinser is from your work, and that has now driven me crazy wondering what you guys actually do for a living.

I posted a request about this way back and I think some other listners are curious too.

For some reason I have this image of a workplace like the one from that movie 'Office Space', but my friend is wagering it is more like the workplace from '40 year old virgin'. Anyway - help us out here!

Paper Tiger

Thanks very much for your interesting and enjoyable podcast. Especially between new episodes, it's a nice proxy for a dose of Lost. A few points:

108 ---there is discussion of this number on your podcast and all over the internet but one thing people don't seem to get is that 108 is a significant number in several religions: definitely in Buddhism, Hinduism and Taoism and maybe others (which I know less about). For unclear reasons (perhaps just its interesting numerology) the number comes up in Indian religions from way back. As for the Taoism link, Chinese religions (Taoism, Buddhism & Confucianism, among others) have swapped lots of symbols through history. For example the "bagua" or "eight tri-grams" from the Chinese Book of Changes (a book of divination used revered by Taoists and Confucianists and others) that appear in the Dharma initiative logo are most clearly associated with Taoism but can also be found in the decorations of some Chinese Buddhist temples. Anyway, one interesting note about 108 in Buddhism: Buddhist monks often wear/carry rosary-type beads used for parayer/meditation. There are many explanations as to why there are 108 beads (one form of meditation involves simply counting them, others saying various mantras or names of Buddhist deities). I think the most interesting one, as far as Lost goes, is that each of the 108 beads represents one of the 108 types of human desire. Finally, one last religion note: a "fatwah" is a term used by Muslims (not Hindus as one of you implied in the podcast).
Finally, I'd like to hear more discussion of the Jack/Locke dichotomy. How do we feel about Jack wanting to "call the bluff" (or, um...not bluff) of the button? What about Locke's continuing drive to view his experiences on the island as part of something meaningful, designed perhaps to bestow "dharma" (teachings or knowledge)? Anyway, thanks again for a great podcast!

Kyle D.

Hey guys, someone at the Television Without Pity Forums took a set picture from Lost and look it's Henry Gale's balloon!


Gavin, they just dont get our Brit humour!

marcus quilm

eu ñ vivo sem asistir lost é uma serie tão boa q ultrapassa fronteiras e chegou ao brasil fazendo muito sucesso eu quero esta na ilha de lost


Paper tiger. while we're no religious scholars we know the fatwah is a muslim edict of sorts. I think Robert was just adding another layer of intended error to John's hindu/bhudist mix-up for fun.

Cameron - you're closer with "office space" but thankfully not too close.

And Gavin don't sweat it man. I think way too big a deal was made about it by the other guys. My bad.


Oh yeah, we definetely get brit humor, I just can't translate it. Had a brit been delivering Gavin's line there would have been a totally different reaction from the others.


The podcast was great guys, and I have to say I'm lovin' the Higgins theory hehe. Does anyone here think Claire is going to die next week? I just have a feeling about it. We're being introduced to Jessica the 16 year-old chick who is supposedly 'one with nature'.. and that weird comment by Matt Raggs on the Fuselage.. something big is going to happen doncha think?


The podcast was great guys, and I have to say I'm lovin' the Higgins theory hehe. Does anyone here think Claire is going to die next week? I just have a feeling about it. We're being introduced to Jessica the 16 year-old chick who is supposedly 'one with nature'.. and that weird comment by Matt Raggs on the Fuselage.. something big is going to happen doncha think?


Had a Brit been delivering Gavin's line, it would have ended with "innit!?".



I've read the Pullman books and while they are amazing, and Shame On You *shakes finger* for not reading them yet, we're really stretching it trying to fit them in.

At it's heart, His Dark Materials is a modern telling of Paradise Lost. Nature of God, loss of innocence, discovery of love, need for God, nature of Religion, Death. Add some Quantum Mechanics and many worlds theory and make it a kids book.

Buy it. Read it.

What are you still doing here?


Hmm.. how come I can't see any of the comments?

Anyway.. you guys have probably heard of Javi Grillo-Marxuach, one of the writers of LOST. He is LEAVING at the end of this season!! This is sooo sad and he is pretty much the only guy on the creative team who answers questions on The Fuselage. You can read his 'goodbye' post here: :( :(

Mrs. Hurley

Lost revives Irish novel interest


Oh yea, I totally knew that the books were unrelated :P and I seriously doubt they've anything to do with LOST but hey, if you read em carefully theres some weird coincidences :)

great podcast,


The coincidental relationships are just coincidental. The others are just other groups of survivors that have banded together and in typical survivor style are paranoid. The computer is actually a long forgot about government project. No one sent the Swan station the memo that they could stop punching in the numbers 20 years ago. Everything else are hallucinations caused by bad food, lack of sleep and expired prescription pain killers.


One further comment re this podcast. I had not seen the comments re Matt Jones on podcast #18 but looked them up after hearing the discussion of them on this podcast.

I would just like to add my vote to the Matt Jones supporters. Matt Jones may not be a full on stand up comic, but he is entertaining in his own right and clearly an intellectual heavy hitter. We need that given the complexity of themes, references etc that the writers are throwing at us. Sure we need a bit of banter, fun and joking around too - but it is the mix of that with the serious analysis that makes LOSTcasts so great. I'd like to hear a regular spot from Matt Jones on some of the more complex theories, literary references etc. That's not to say the principal LOSTcasters aren't very bright - they obviously are as well.

And to the poster who dissed Matt big time, I would just say if you want to hear a lame, boring podcast, try the official lost podcast. I mean, that thing should be pure freakin'gold. They have access to the actors and all the secrets, yet it is just painful to sit through. Did you hear Evangaline Lily last week go on and on about her stupid life before LOST? And Lindlelof and Cuse are just not that funny at all. But for the hope of some tidbit from them, they would not have any listeners.

Come on now - where is the love? It's not like Matt is an 'other' or something. (OMG, I hope he's not!!!...)


Hey there's a movie on the stand ... for those of you who don't want to read the book.


Yeah, that's a very good theory. Probably true though.
But you missed out the part about the big slave ship in the middle of the jungle.


has anyone considered a connection with locke not being able to walk and jack and his father being spinal surgeons?


is it just me or is everyone ignoring the star wars reference on the hanso site?

J -Juxtapositional
E -Eugenics
D -Development
I -Institute


just another commment,
I'd HATE recaps, and they just aren't what this podcast needs, surely if you're listenin to a podcast like this with its theories you should have already seen the episode,,,
and how about an AAC feed? with chapters.
It'd be awesome

madmav from Ireland.

matt jones

Whats up? I can't read any comments.

Matt Jones

Glad I figured out the preveiw trick.

Thanks Cameron. You are obviously a man of culture and taste.

Vikram Nayani

So I'm going to skip the whole kissing your butts part. Needless to say, you guys are great. About last week's podcast and Shiva, I'm not sure if you knew but in Hinduism, Shiva is one of the three major deities. Each has certain qualities and responsibilitie. Bramha is the creator, Vishnu is the protector, and Shiva is the destroyer. I konw the idea that entering the numbers keeps something from being destroyed is not a new idea, but I think that is an interesting link. Keep up the good work.

Vik from Seattle


I need to take a look at the AAC feed thing... it would definitely mean more production time for us. But I'm interested in exploring it. We've also tossed around the idea of a video podcast.

By the way... the LOST writers are slippin', we didn't get a new "official" LOST podcast this week!


They better have something good comin up!
Its getting hard to scrape every detail outta previous eppys with no new content!!


Sorry for the long post, but it's my first, and I've been waiting for some things to pull together before I really jump into the internet fray with this.

First, I know you guys had a difference of opinion in this LOSTCast over whether the symbol on the new DHARMA hatch is a medical caduceus or not. Certianly, looking at the hi-res promotional photos from, it looks KINDA like it, but the snakes end too far down, don't they?

Well, I live in New Orleans, and marchign bands appear from all sorts of universities, military institutions, etc (you'd be amazed how many branches of the military keep people highly trained in marching band performance). Anyway, imagine my surprise when in front of me marches the band for the U.S. Army Medical Command, and their log on the side of one of the drums. Go ahead and check it out larger from the Wikipedia entry, and tell me it doesn't look REALLY familiar.

of course, there's no sword, BUT the hatch doors' seam is where the sword WOULD be, so I am wondering if it's simply not showing well enough due to where it's placed. Certainly, the logo seemed to be BASED ON this logo (the intertwined snakes low on the staff, or in this case, sword), which would also tie into Ana Lucia's recognition of the knife taken from one of the Others as being U.S. Army-issued. But I also realize the snakes may just be lower because the word DHARMA cuts through the logo.

Hopefully some of this will be clarified in Maternity Leave, and I guess we always assumed the U.S. Army was involved as soon as Ana Lucia mentioned it talking with Goodwin, but the ties may be even deeper with this connection.

It would also be interesting if this hatch was responsible for fixing/commandeering Locke's legs so that he could walk, which could have happened in the time between the plane breaking up in the air and them all waking up on the beach (I mean, has anyone actually said they REMEMBER crashing? Kate said she blacked out. Jack woke up in the forest alone. Ana Lucia said she woke up underwater). I got into the series halfway through this season by watching the first season on DVD straight through, so I was watching for things out of the ordinary from the beginning, things that the casual watcher ight not be watchign for. And it struck me in the first episode where we see flashbacks of the cabin being torn in two, and Kate getting the air mask on, if you wanted to knock everybody out on an airplane at once, wouldn't the easiet way would be the have them all put on the air masks like they've always been told to do? If the Hanso Foundation was really working on a Life Extension project, and it was somethign that could be inhaled, wouldn't an interesting (albeit inefficient) test be to gas certain people and crash them and see if they live? Recall that Sayid made the note early on about how none of them seemed harmed. Perhaps everyone who put the masks on lived, and those who didn't died? Kate's Marshall was unconscious when she placed the mask on him, which would explain why he survived, but if he wasn't able to breathe deeply enough, he may have only be partially protected.

By the way, am I the only one who wonders why no one has gone back to the Black Rock to get at that transmitter that Danielle used? or are we to assume everyone is scared of the Dark Territory and avoids it like the plague?

Finally, recall from season one, when Claire was kidnapped originally, Locke had a brief personal expository statement to Jack and everyone else that it was "all his fault, he spent days with him hunting and never picked up anything odd" (or something to that effect). That struck me as odd at the time, and now, Locke being one of the most keen personal observers in the group, somehow missing Ethan's true motives, seems completely unbelievable now. Mind you, Danielle had something to do with Claire's abduction, and therefore Ethan, since Claire scratched her wrists, which John noticed. Yet he didn't connect, so what exactly was the connection between those three at that time? And Locke has seen the manifest, since he knows Sawyer's real name, so wouldn't the super-observant Lock have seen Ethan wasn't on the manifest?

Well, again, sorry for the long post. Had lots to point out, and it will be interesting to see if any of these connections plays out.

That's how I see it from my side of the island.
All the best,


hmm first comment seemed to vanish so here goes #2 ...

1) Desmond's scottish, not irish

2) Sayid was a radio communications officer for the republican guard... podcast #18 said he was a torturer for saddam. This isn't the case based on what we've seen. What we know is that the first time he'd had any experience of torture was on behalf of the americans against the republican guard.

3) ..... the new episode .... we never found out why/when/how Claire had scratched Danielle (note at the end of season 1 Claire spotted the scratches on Danielle's arm and asked 'when did i do that?' - We'd assumed Ethan was the one who'd attacked Claire initially at the caves before kidnapping her)



For all the Canadians on here.. Don't forget that Maternity Leave will be on CTV today at 7 PM. Not nine. But if you actually have cable :P , then you can watch it on ABC at 9 like everyone else.


Hey vix thanks for stopping by I wanted to respond to your points on behalf of John Robert and I.

1) Did Desmond actually say he was Scotish? I think our assesment was from accent alone. If that's the case it's hard to conclude either way. Could be an actor doing a bad irish accent or vice versa.

2) It's my understanding that Sayied was both: first a communications guy and then an interrigator after his new found skill.
It's possible we crossed contexts when mentioning him as a torurer. And that term isn't really accurate. We should have said interrigator.

3)There was a quick flashback where Clair rememberred struggling with Rosseau as she ran from the others giving her that scratch. Unlike co-host John I think the scratch stuff was pretty meaningless fanfare so I tend not to pay it much mind.


Guys, dont know if this is old news but I found this video (via a podcast called Turniphead) of (now ex-writer for Lost) Javier grillo-Marxuach giving a talk at the University of Michigan. Its ESSENTIAL for screenwriters and fans of Lost, really interesting stuff.


This video btw, should shut up all the doubters that think the writers dont know what they're doing and making the whole thing up as they go along.


ahhh how did you get a party and your thing makes no sense at all....

annie nikki east

I love the lost episodes very, very much so I'll b whatchin' 'em every Wed.!!!!!!!!!!!!


the whole series is about them being in a coma. Obvious

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