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lol the brokeback mountain video is funny, but I saw an even better one here:

instead of jack and sawyer, it focuses on jack and locke, and the end is great!

David Schultz

Uh, check this out (not sure if it's real)

Matt Jones

The more I think about it the more I'm convinced that the castaways are the way Dharma replenishes their ranks. Zeke and Goodwin are old enough to have been part of the original Dharma. Ethan on the other hand is what - 35? 40? Assume he's 40. He would have been an early teen when the Dharma was launched. He came to the project later, perhaps not of his own free will.

I think that if you really wanted to keep a secret island research facility/utopian experiment/alien spaceport - secret, extraordinary recruitment tactics would be required. My theory is that Dharma finds people that fit a certain profile and through various machinations strands them on the island. Once on the island those people are further tested to see if they are "good" for indoctrination. If they are they're taken immediately. If not they're left for further observation and conditioning. Dharma likes kids because they are easy to flip and they love emotionally damaged people because they are easy to manipulate.

Most of the time they just need one or two replacements so they can be more targeted. I think Desmond was selected because he had a science background and could tolerate long stretches of solitude. A French science team because they needed scientists. Ethan because they needed a doctor. Henry? Who knows?

But this time, they needed a big influx so they took a shotgun approach. They got as many prospects as they could onto 813 and downed the plane. They need a list to separate their candidates from the rest of the passengers or just to see who survived.


Hi, just a comment for you guys on your podcast. Try not to laugh out loud into the microphone as I often listen to your podcast on my PDA. I turn the volume up as sometimes, those of you who are further from the microphone speaks real softly but it really deafens me when you laugh... my eardrums hurt everytime I'm done with your podcast...

Still love your work nonetheless! Stay Lost!


Thanks for the podcast guys - we understand you had some tough circumstances and had to haul ass to get it done, but it was damn fine work, as always.

It was good to hear Matt Jones on the podcast again. It would be great if he were a regular. Could you let us know what's planned for the period from now up till the next episode, which is not until March 22, I think.

Also, will John be back?

matt beale

thanks again!

3 week wait! 24 is showing double episodes... this rate, 24 will finish way before Lost!


I'm only 30 mins in so far, sounds very good. I like Matt, and I think he took much of the flak last time for the recap which was a tad unfair.


Sory about the laughing. Robert tends to be the lowest in volume so we put him directly in front of the microphone, unfortunately he's also the loudest laugher.

I'm sure we'll do one podcast during the lost break. Probably not this weekend but the one after.

John will be back next time around. This late posting of the cast was an unusual circumstance so don't take it as a sign of us going the way of the transmission. At the very least we'll finish out this season; although it's always been assumed amongst us that we'd do this all the way through the shows life. So this season is locked in and we'll have to review our contracts over the summer... that's a joke.


I just wanted to make a comment about the list that Goodwin and Ethan were supposed to make. In the podcast you were discussing why Ethan needed a list. Here are my thoughts. During "Another 48 Days", Anna Lucia said that the list contained info about what the people to be taken were wearing and possibly what they looked like. If the theory that -Dharma planned the plane crash- is true, then they probably already know the names of the passengers they want, but the dharma workers on the island don't know what the "target" people look like and what they are wearing. So they needed someone to quietly infiltrate each group to determine who the "target" people are - hence the list.


If you go to they are selling the music television and radio dvd of a special interview they did with the entire cast of lost including abrams. This could lead to some very incitful information


Heres a littlel Video For you LOSTCasts Lovers including me!!!!

Mrs. Hurley

hey guys

Listening to your latest podcast and had to pause it before I forget my ideas. I don't know if you have seen this:

but if you haven't it's about using neurological implants on sharks to use them as spies, apparently it has been done succesfully already with mice and monkeys!... So my idea is, you were mentioning that the logo on the shark is the same logo on the cantine with the whatever drug they were giving to Claire. Well we know Claire was drugged because of how she was acting, but there were other things in her behavior like the trust she showed in Ethan and the fact that she was in a hatch with loads of other people and she wasn't really curious about them or anything that make me wonder. At first I just thought between the drugs and Ethans sweet talking she was being manipulated in the old fashion way, but after listening to you talking about the conection between the shark and the cantine symbol, what if the drug is like a test drug to brainwash people affecting their neurological configuration (shark brains are probably simpler than human brains so maybe they already succeeded with the shark?)... or something... From here we can go into wild theories like implants and injecting nanobots into the baby or Claire reverting to strange behavior trigered by something on the island... god knows. But just an idea on the relationship between the symbols.



I just went through and read the entire Lost Diary that you linked here. It looks like the second person who picked up this diary had to have been from the original group of survivors (as well as the first... I'm curious about what the hell happened to her and the 4 people she was with), not from the tail section. This person started writing around the time of the episode "Everybody Hates Hugo" and includes a bit about Hurley handing out food to everyone. So it can't be Eko or Libby or Cindy. It's probably someone we haven't met, or it's Steve or someone. But the entire thing makes me wonder if the writers really have anything to do with this diary and if we'll ever hear anything about what went on with Janelle.

Love the podcast and that you do such a good job of linking all your references so that we can check out the things you talk about. Keep up the great work!


The torches vs. flashlight discussion reminds me of a buddy of mine talking a drink in a bar. How threatening can someone look with a drink that has a straw in it? Imagine someone yelling at you and pointing his finger at you and he is holding a drink with a straw, just doesn't scream masculine or threatening. The same could go for the torches and flashlights. What scarier a guy with a flashlight or some dude with a torch?


I got this. It's almost to easy!

The whole battle between good and evil?

Dharma VS Others

The battle is between these two. Dharma is kidnapping kids and other good people to save them from the Others, and to join the fight against evil. Non-good people will easily turn evil and join the others or something.

Our losties as a group are going to not choose between either, though some might.

The point of all of this is to show that good and evil are subjective, and no human is all of one. Very post modern.


Hi, I love your podcast! It's great and appreciate all you put into it! I have one comment though...we all know everyone is hot on the show so why demean the gals with 'chic', etc.? It just seems outdated or something. I don't believe in censorship and I love the charm of your show, but if you could be more sensitive that would be great. I like their acting, and want to give them props for it. Thanks!!!

Assistant to the Regional Manager

Fact: "Zeke" says "HE'S not going to like this"

Fact: Desmond says "Are you HIM?"

Question: Are Desmond & Zeke referring to the same guy...


I think Eko is part of the 'army' and is cutting wood to set up uber cool traps that will make us go "DAMN!" when they're in effect in the season finale.

matt Jones

Your right tulip. Those chicks really can act.


Put the blame on me. It's not our esteemed regular hosts' fault that everything I know about women I learned from Larry on Three's Company. That being said, I can't guarantee greater sensitivity on my part if I'm invited back, but for the sake of fairness I will now refer to all male cast members as hunks and/or beefcakes.

Thought for Brian, John and Robert - You guys should bring in a female guest host for a different perspective.

Matt Jones

DAMN! That's a good thought Cihan.

I still think it's a church, but now I'm hoping I'm wrong. "DAMN!" inducing traps would be about a bazillion times cooler.


Church nothing.... Eko's definitely all about building booby traps... I bet in the next episode he whips out a pair of "Slick Shoes"!!!


listening to the part about the sickness, and the whole crazy thing, in the book the stand, there is a little talk about how after the flu empidemic, there was a second epidemic, in which people died from various things like falling into a well, accidently shooting themselves etc. and that reminded me of the crazy thing...if that makes any sense...

Raz Minder

I'd be a bit disappointed if Eko is building a church. Seems to make little sense plot-wise.

So, I got it down to a really long bridge, a wooden tank, or a Trojan horse for the Others.


Oh don't count the church out yet as something cool. For instance: What if through his ministry Eko is able to train people to confront the black smoke and maybe even to control it. That'd be a pretty sweet weapon if you could make that tree thrashing smoke do your bidding.

Matt Jones

I think Eko building a church would make a lot of sense plot-wise. Think of the conflicts that would arise. Jack will be pissed because Eko's converts won't fight. Locke will be pissed because Eko's converts' faith will not be in the island. And Sawyer will be pissed because he probably has a general aversion to holy rollers. I think much of next season will center around who joins what group. Jack's, Locke's, or Eko's. Remeber that LOST was pitched to ABC as a dramatized version of Survivor. Tribal conflict can't be far away.

Not that booby traps wouldn't kick ass.

Raz Minder

Matt, I don't have a problem with that idea (or Linder's thought), however, does Eko need to build a church to preach and convert? He has his scriptures (nearly memorized), that should be enough. Yes, a place of worship is important for any religion, but it doesn't seem necessary.

Hell, rent out some space in one of the many hatch/stations/bunkers.

I guess a church is too obvious, so I'm hoping for something else.

Matt Jones

It is too obvious. Which is probably why I'm wrong.

Maybe he's building a boobytrapped church.


Hey guys, just a comment - you mentioned in the podcast how Claire's psychic suddenly changed his tune about not wanting the baby to be raised by anyone else, and suddenly saying that she did need to give it away. If you remember back to that episode, you see that this is wrong because in the end they realized that he knew the plane would crash (since he was a real psychic). He specifically put on her on that plane and made up the story about the family in LA because he knew she would end up somewhere remote and she would be the only one able to raise her child. Therefore he did stick to his "this child can't be raised by anyone else", and for me this disproves any Dharma connection with him.

Raz Minder

Okay, I'm down with that. Maybe a giant cross that can be used as a ballista as well.

Matt Jones

Now you're thinking Raz!


Good point Spooky. But, maybe he is being used as a pawn by Dharma. A powerful Dharma psychic could have manipulated his visions.

Jonny Dorian

Hey-Ive never posted a comment her before so i thought i would. Sorry that all the stuff ivve written is really muddled.
I think that the others arn't as united as we think they are. think about it- Alex is obviously apart of the "others" but she was still disobbeying them and trying to get Claire and the baby away from them. And Ethan was breaking the rules too and taking Claire outside. Also, i think that even though the others may not care whether claire wants to give up the baby or not, i think Ethan genuinly cared about Claire, and maybe even loved her..doesnt mean anything now but, since he's dead. Regarding what the other hatches are...i dont think theres an underwater one but i think theres an animal testing one, and the polar bear, shark, ect got loose. Oh, and i also think that Dharma, or at least the others, did not plan for the plane to crash, but were like "oh crap, well, we can use this to our advantage, lets get the "good" [as in literally] ones and leave the rest". Thats why they were making the lists. I think the nursery that they had in the medical hatch was used for Alex, and once they realised claire was pregnant decided to put the baby there. Also i think both the sickness and the monster are beyond anyone, including Dharma's control.
I think that maybe Henry Gale isnt an other, because of the "photo of the baloon" or whatever and i think that he was messing with lockes head because he just wanted to get out of the damn cell. I know if i was in there and was innocent i would start to get really pissed and want to get out- any way i could. Well, thats all i could think of for now, but i also wanted to ask if you guys would ever do what other podcasts do [like the Jay and Jack podcast] and have the sections displayed when you press the "enter" button on your ipod the bar is cut up into sections, eg "lost recap", "spoiler section" or whatever that episode was of interest, like "ethan and claire". I think that would be a great edition so i could fast forward to the topics that i really am intersted in. Anyway, you guys are doing a great job and are the best lost podcast out there!!!

Michael Box

Hey guys, this is my first post, but hopefully not my last. I think you guys are doing a great job with the podcast and any heat or negativity that comes your way should be thrown to the side. If people don't like something about the show then they can stop listening. Anyway enough about that.

I wanted to really make two comments. One about Ecko and one about Ethan, Alex, and "Zeke."

First, I am not sure what Ecko is doing cutting down the trees. Maybe he is just interested in some kind of permanent housing. Everyone else is living in make-shift tents as if they are going to be saved. I think he may be building a cabin. Sure, they could all just move into the hatches, but there is something about Ecko that doesn't trust. It seems more his personality to "do it himself." I would love to see him build a church and see what kind of conflict that creates. Either way it should be interesting.

About the "other" three: I don't trust the motivation of anyone on the island, let alone these three (Ethan, Alex, & "Zeke"). Ethan was most likely befreinding Claire in order to gain her trust. I don't think he was genuine or authentic in his "caring" for her. As for Alex, I am not sure that she "helped" Claire escape as much as I think that she followed orders and made it look as if she was helping Claire. If she had helped claire escape, couldn't the leaders of this other group just walk back down to the beach and kidnap her again?

Regarding Zeke: well, I am not sure about the whole beard, clothing thing. Why would all that stuff would be in a locker, but everything else in the hatch seemed to have been turned inside-out? Maybe (and this is a big maybe) Zeke is the last of the true Dharma people. He could be building his own little cultish family of sci-coes. I think that the beard and clothing was a distraction to make the losties lose ground on what is really going on on that island. I may not make any sense but it is difficult to explain. Anyway, here are a couple of links i thought you would enjoy:
(spoiler pic of ballon)

Ok thanks for a great show.

Stay Lost.


A "booby-trapped church". A perfect melding of ideas Matt, I like it. "If you want to pray with me, you must pass three tests..." *cue Indy style Holy Grail tests*


If anyone's following the Monty comic strip...they did more than one reference. It's been about a week now and it's really hilarious!


Tulip The Feminazi:
Save your political correct bullshit for another podcast. If you haven't already noticed or didn't listen from the beginning, this show was about three dudes getting together and talking about an interesting show they all watched. I'm not saying they shouldn't look out for offending people, but if you can't handle the word "chick" maybe you should stay within certain liberals-only web sites or other liberal friend web sites/blogs on the internet. Otherwise you might just continually upset yourself. And certainly nobody wants that?

Matt Jones, I know you care about my opinion, or you wouldn't have mentioned me two weeks after your first podcast. Hope you didn't think too much about me. Was it because of the harsh criticism with a ring of truth to it, or maybe it's because people just tend to seek out my opinion in general? Probably both. Either way, you were much better this time around, as the nails on the chalkboard sound eased in my headphones while you were speaking. You didn't suck. Thankfully. Glad you listened to my advice about lame jokes.



I think Locke in no way fell for Henry Gale's little play, one against the other, ploy. If anything, Locke now knows for sure he's an other and he'll play along with Gale's game just to see what he might be able to pick up on. Any balloon spoiler pics just mean that one was planted or crashed by someone else on the island - by someone other than The Other, Henry Gale. Who knows, maybe that balloon will turn out to be Adam and Eve's (remains that jack found in season 1).

Also, was this talked about yet or did anyone see this posting on the boards...apparently the official LOST podcast said before the re-aired the pilot episode a couple weeks ago that we should look for something Big that we would've missed watching it last year/season. Somebody on the boards thinks they saw ZEKE in the Pilot Episode. Check out the links...

Stay LOST.

Matt Jones

Thank you John. Knowing that you were ok with my performance is a weight off my shoulders. I am forever in your debt.

Actually, I agreed with most of your criticism and told you so at the time. I just said you were cunty - which you are.

I don't want to ruin the woody you got when you heard your name, but the only reason you came up is because Brian was asking me about it before we started. Since you are my biggest fan I thought I would give you a shout out. He had to remind me what your name was.

As for the lame jokes, which podcast were you listening to? I dropped some real stinkers this time.


Actually, the only reason I mentioned John is because conflict is entertaining, especially when it's someone else's.

So keep up the good work Matt and John.


Oh need to get in a pissing contest here. We all know more than several references were made to my comments and that's fine. I'm not looking for attention, nor admiration. And if I thought I could do better, I'd start my own podcast. But I do KNOW better, so that is why I don't kid myself. I'm just honest and if you think honesty is "cunty" well then that's your take. I can respect that. Though I think Tulip has more in common with being cunty than myself, but that's another topic.

As for your lame attempt at being sarcastic with the whole "weight off my shoulders and forever in your debt bit," well you can just save that too. Makes you sound a bit pompous and snooty. And I don't think you want to be that guy, Matt. Do you? Please Matt, don't be THAT guy. Stick to what you can bring to the table, what you're good at. And it's not hard for me to say, surprisingly enough...but it's book smarts. You obviously know your literature and really bring some intelligent perspective to the proceedings regarding literature connections and whatnot. Good job on that Matt.



Hey guys,

Longtime listener, first time poster. Really nice podcast as always. I enjoyed hearing Matt back on the podcast. You're all intelligent and offer interesting insights.

A couple thoughts:
1. As you know, Ethan and some of the "others" have shown abnormal strength and speed (it looks like the directors undercrank the camera and then speed up the footage for that weird speed effect). I wonder if that's a side effect of the serum. The children that Gin and Echo saw seemed to move in that same way and presumably they were the children from the tail section.

2. I suspect Henry Gale is not what he seems. He is an "other" but is also an intentional prisoner. A "plant" to spy on our castaways. I suspect that he can leave at any time that he wants (how many times have they turned their back on him as they leave the vault?) and is just playing with his captors. I think there's a good chance he also has the increased speed and strength but is choosing not to use them right now.

3. The knitted bootie. Perhaps it was left there on purpose by Alex for Claire to find.

4. I think that the "others" cleared out of the hatch fairly recently. We saw Zeke a few episodes back with his beard on and it seems kind of odd that he would have several duplicate disguises in different places. Is his disguise that important? If it was, I don't think he would have forgotten it. I think it's more likely that someone (Libby?) alerted the "others" that the three ladies were coming and they cleared out in that time and simply forgot Zeke's costume. We don't know how long the three ladies were out there searching but we do know they didn't know the direct route.

That's it for now. Great work guys!

Matt Jones

"Don't be that guy," may be the lamest of all stock comebacks, but you're right John. I am being that guy, which is silly. Once again your biting analysis hits home.

In all seriousness thanks for the props as well as the criticism.

Sorry Brian - show's over.


Well matt, any good PR person will tell you the ratings come when people start spatting or screwing. And since the spatting's about end you guys know what you have to do.


You know you're doing something right when you get your own troll.


Hi, again, I really love the show, and I think it has a lot of charm. I also think the guys have some great insights on the show, and enjoy Matt as a guest.

Much respect to you my comments were chill and light. I know you guys care about your listeners hence my posting.

I dunno, maybe I'll listen further or maybe I won' any case, I think it's better that you know what people are thinking.


WOHHH i think I might have a connection or a possible theory.
there is a book called running out of time.

It is basicly this girl thinks she lives like pioneers in her pioneer village then this sickness comes along and they dont have the medicine to cure it but apparently they do. To make a long story short they were in a museum and they were being observed but it really isnt pioneer time it is like 2002 or something. so basicly they think they are in pineer time but they are really in a museum being watched by people.


Don't let your enjoyment of the show get hung up on a guest host and a listener (the john in this comment thread is not John our co-host).

Without going too deep into our personal lives, there's no way we could be sexist (our wives wouldn't let us) and we use the term "chick" in the same way you'd say "dude" for a guy. And my wife tells me that this is acceptable. So, no harm intended. Please do stick around. And continue to share your thoughts.

Matt Jones


What Brian said.

My reply to you was all in fun. I'm not sexist. Misanthropic maybe, but not sexist. Please don't stop listening and commenting. The cool thing about Brian, John (the good one) and Robert is that they really value their listeners' input. It would be a shame to lose yours.



"Zeke" in Pilot episode within the crash + Dharma Guy = The plane was brought down by SABOTAGE!!!!

I'd be willing to bet a decent stack of money on it, (that is assuming that the images of "Zeke" from the pilot are actually him) :)


Are you maing fun of me?


One more comment...I HAVE A MAJOR ISSUE WITH THE TIMELINE...Do you guys really think that many cobwebs and that much dirty and whatnot (in a former sterile - hospital type environment) could happen in 2-3 weeks time? If the Losties have only been on the island about 2 months (or 8 weeks), and Claire was kidnapped about two and a half weeks into their excursion, could a hospital hatch really become that dirty and cob-webbed? Would the stains on the wall from the baby's room where they had animal pictures hung up really make that much of an impression? Maybe I'm doing the typical LOST over-analyzing here, but the times don't match up - at all.


Damnit, if everyone is griping then here is my beef: I still want to know what you guys did before you crashed on the island, err, I mean, started doing this kick ass podcast!!

How about a Brian, John, Robert (and Matt) flashback podcast to your lives like maybe a week before the pilot aired or something?

Just kidding...


Marty, it was Robert who said Ethan's hatch looked like it had been abandoned a long time ago. I never saw these cobwebs he's talking about. I thought it looked like people bolted in a hurry, banging the lights along the ceiling and knocking over stuff. The smudge marks behind the cartoon posters in the nursery is, if anything, an indication of how long they were there before they were removed. I think the others bugged out of there when Desmond thought the computer was busted or after Zeke drew the line for Jack Sawyer and Locke or when Claire and company were on their way to investigate.

But that's just my speculation.

And as far as revealing our own backstory's I don't want to bore anyone.

Matt Jones


(Open on Brian, John and Robert sitting on a couch in a half drunken stupor after the season one finale.)

Brian: We should totally do a Lost podcast

John: Yeah. We're like smart and stuff.

Robert: That would be sweet.... What's a podcast?

Haunting isn't it?


OK, enough said. Now, how about just one Lost Link to a photo of the podcasting hatch, err, I mean ...

Just ignore me, and blame it on the 3 week LOST hiatus.


Hey matt. I just to let you know that you are harlarious.

Lebron James

Hey Tulip, get serious! You are offended by the use of the term "chic"? It's "outdated"? Speaking of outdated, why don't you use the word "charm" in reference to the show one more time. Either you are a single 60 years old hag who has no interaction with men or you just never leave your house and toggle between reruns of Leave it to Beaver and LOST. "Chic" is not an offensive team. Hell, I'm an NBA player who gets tons of bitches and they all agree that "chic" is a perfectly appropriate term for referring to the female sex.

As for you guys, the hosts:
Who is it that keeps talking about how they need chicks to be present in each episode and how 2 weeks ago was terrible because there were no girls? Personally Claire's voice is about as annoying as the fact that Charlie is still alive. Sun hasn't been hot since the 5 second bathing suit scene in season 1 (and now that her man is back, you won't be seeing that again). Ana Lucia is a man. And Kate is such a stupid beeatch for picking Sawyer over Jack that I want her to die too.
Now I agree that chicks can make the show better, but until they unlock the Playboy playmate hatch.....I will take an episode full of Sayeed beat downs and Jack/Locke fights any day over a bunch of chics fruiting around in the woods.

But I digress. Your show is money. Keep up the good work.

War the ghost of Ethan returning to finish Charile off.

War 95% of readers on this page having no idea who I am.

War Angry John getting off Matt's back and finding a girlfriend/boyfriend (not that there is anything wrong with that).


Ok, this may have really just been me, but did anyone else notice that the music that played once Claire had one of her 'Flash-backs" sounded a little like the "monster" in the Jungle? Could just be me, but it sounded similar. The little 'RRRAHHHHH" sound.


I have been going back and watching some season 1 since the hiatus, just a theory, as usual, but most of us assume that there is a underwater hatch, what if the person who drowned when Jack saved Boone was actually swimming to the underwater hatch and didn't drown...unlikely but possibly... also I think there is more to the whole steve/scott thing, I think that will emerge at the end of the season/beginning of season 3. Oh well


I really wish we had an NBA master enjoying our podcasts. But somehow I just find the notion difficult to accept especially since the Cavaliers were busy pulling a 98-97 win over the Raptors tonight. But who am I to say who is who around here.


Hey Brian, John, Matt & Robert, it's all good...glad you see my POV. Stay lost. :-)


Hey, maybe you'd be funny if you were a little original and weren't copying something else. Like I don't know, maybe the other "Jungle." As in THE JIM ROME SHOW where loser callers call in and try to talk "smack" and insult everyone and think they're super cool...when the majority of those callers obviously haven't seen a woman's genitalia since the day they were born. "War" this and "war" that is extremely lame and my guess is at least half the people if not most on this web site don't get what you're talking about...but in case they think you're original, just go and find out when his radio show is on and take a listen. Lebron is just another copycat moron. Nice job Lebron, way to "bring it."

Matt Jones - I finished up the podcast on the train ride home yesterday and realized that you were had a lot more lame jokes in the second half than in the first. Obviously I spoke too soon. At the same time, I am starting to "get you" so I'm glad Robert set me straight. Either way, I'm hooked and will keep listening and I know that will put you at you're welcome.

Michael Box

You know, i was just watching the first 5 episodes of season one and thought that it would be interesting if the drowning girl was "rescued" by dharma and taken in through an underwater hatch...the girl that "drowned" was said to have been scuba diving just before the flight. maybe dharma needed ascuba diver for something or another. Plus, it is very strange to watch these first few episodes. You forget how sci-fi it really was in the beginning. it hasn't been that way for a while.

One more thing, during the first 5 episodes the words "the others" pop up canstantly. It was not something onmy radar the first time i watched, but now it just sits funny with me.


I prefered the comments section when it dealt with Lost...


I'm with ya michael,
I especially noticed when Jin was telling Sun not to mix with the "others" it's cool to see how early on they started to load that word to make it such a hot button term for the show.


i've heard this a few times now, the comparison between the dharma logo on ethan's canteen and the shark, and i completely DISagree that they are the same logo. the logo on the canteen is the medical symbol. if you look closely, you can see the red of the medical symbol, the same as on the medical hatch door. the line across the logo is just the word dharma, but it's hard to see cause it's small and it's on tv. i think what is confusing everyone is that the logo is white, which makes it just look like a line going across. but the reason for that is it's a dark canteen background to print on. the shark logo is a different story. the logo itself is black, and there is a distinct dark background for the center, with just a white line crossing it.

anyway, i love the podcast, and i just had to chime my comment in, because it's been bugging me. keep up the great work fellas!


That dharma video is a definate fake in my eyes

Here is a new theory to ponder. I believe that the Lost castaways are actually on Gilligan's Island. My theory can be found at

As I went through an episode list of the entire Gilligan's Island series, it sent shivers up my spine. How could I have not made the connection before? ESP, curses, evil twins, Others and even a cursed sweepstakes can be found on our little buddy's island. I Nearly all the episodes of Gilligan's Island have an eerie connection to Lost

Here are some things to ponder:
Just as items from the Fusies past mysteriously are found in the hatch (Kate's music box, Clair's boyfriend's art), items from the castaway’s past mysteriously manifest themselves on the island. They were only out for a three-hour tour, yet evening gowns and trunks of money seemingly come out of nowhere.

Like the polar bear, animals not native to the Island appear and threaten the lives of our castaways, including a lion, a gorilla, a giant spider and a chimpanzee (animals all native to Africa, a Nigerian connection perhaps?).

Like Locke, Gilligan seems to have a strange connection to the Island. The Island controls Gilligan and uses him to thwart any rescue attempt. In exchange, Gilligan is given special powers from time to time, including super strength, ESP and invisibility.

Like Hurley, Gilligan is the winner of a sweepstakes. Is this the start of his "bad luck?"

The castaways are also threatened by “Others”: natives from nearby islands, a jungle boy, a jungle man, a South American dictator, a spy, a Beatles cover band, cosmonauts, Zsa Zsa Gabor, evil twins, a surfer dude, a Hollywood producer, a butterfly collector and not one but two mad scientists.

Like on Lost, strange objects are drawn to the island: radioactive seeds, a missile, a jet pack, a meteor, a space capsule, a killer robot and a satellite, just to name a few.

Like on Lost, the Island causes the castaways to have strange prophetic dreams. (i.e. Gilligan as a sheriff, vampire and cannibal.)

Mary Ann, like Clair, gets amnesia.

Like the Lost passengers, the crew of the Minnow is declared dead and the search for them is called off.

It is my theory that the Lost Island and Gilligan’s Island are one and the same. That, or the producers of Lost are just ripping off Gilligan’s Island scripts. Sherwood Schwartz must be turning over in his grave, (if he were dead*).

The Lost producers even seemed to cast the same characters, but had to split them into multiple people due to the fact that Mr. Schwartz' castaways are so multi-dimensional. For example, no one man today could possess the intelligence of Professor Roy Hinckley, a true Renaissance Man, so he is re-imagined as Jack, Sayid and Michael. Here's how the castaways are integrated into Lost:

Skipper – Locke/Mister Eko/Ana-Lucia
Professor – Jack/Sayid/Michael
Mr. Howell – Boone/Jin/Bernard
Mrs. Howell – Shannon/Sun/Rose
Ginger – Sawyer/Kate
Mary Ann – Clair/Libby
Gilligan – Charlie/Hurley/Arzt

Even Guest Stars Seem Familiar:
Wrongway Feldman - Pilot of Flight 815
Erika (Zsa Zsa Gabor) - French woman
Jungle Boy - Alex
Tongo the Ape Man - Zeke (Bearded Man)
Big-game hunter Jonathan Kincaid -The Others
Kidnapper (Don Rickles) - Ethan
Cosmonauts - Desmond/Nathan
Giant Spider - The Black Smoke
The Mosquitoes (music group) - Drive Shaft

*According to the recently obtained birth certificate of Sherwood Schwartz, he was born in 1806 and is nearly 200 years old! Perhaps he has visited the Island that he writes about and is privy to life-extension technology! Could Sherwood Schwartz and Alvar Hanso be one and the same? Are Mr. Schwartz' TV programs some sort of horrible mind-altering experiment? It would explain the success of the Brady Bunch.

Well, keep up the good work:

Steve Hopstaken


i dont know if this is just a technical error made by the writers but if claire's baby was already sick with the "sickness" then a vaccine would not help him because a vaccine is just a medicine to prevent a disease from occuring.


I don’t know if the island really is Gilligan’s Island, but the reference brings up something that has troubled me since the failure of the raft expedition. It is the question of further attempts to leave the island.

I think that this is the biggest problem that the writers of LOST face. Nothing the others have said suggests that they would try to stop another attempt to leave - presumably as long as they don’t take Aaron on the next raft. And anyway they could now – with Sawyer’s cooperation - arm the next raft like a small gunboat.

They can also make crude flares out of ammunition. They also have a lot more food and there are even some small machine shop tools in the Swan hatch that they could use to work with whatever bits of fuselage are left. There is still a ton of bamboo as well. So, why don’t they make another attempt?

Well, if they do, they either succeed and the show is over in its present form – unless we want to spend a season watching the island getting turned into a shopping mall. Or they fail, but have no good reason not to try again, in which case we have a Gilligan’s Island on our hands.

I used to wonder if the title of the show had another meaning. If you watch the last few minutes of the final episode in Season 1 – when they are all getting on the plane – you will see that it does. Look at their faces, now that you know what their lives were like up to that point. They were all 'lost', even before the plane left the ground.

Whatever salvation they have coming to them in this life is on the island. That is the only thing that gives the writers a basis for the characters not wanting to make further attempts to get off the island. That I think is what saves them from the creative death that a Gilligan’s island scenario presents.


In response to Volanda -

I don't think they have said it is a vaccine - people are assuming it is. The injection COULD work like insulin shots for diabetes. If you have diabetes (a sickness), insulin shots help your system function normally. No insulin, and your body will deteriorate. So, if Claire's baby has the sickness, then not getting the injection would cause the sickness to manifest, and thus present itself with the symptoms that Rousseau has mentioned.


More on the Skinner Box theory - Josh Holloway (Sawyer) is listed as a cast member in a movie titled 'Skinner Box' that is in pre-production (details on IMDB).


Hey, guys!
I just saw an INCREDIBLE LOST promo they released in the UK... It blew my mind- enjoy!


Hmmm, looks like I *may* have spoken too soon about no further attempts to leave the island. Have a look at what Charlie and Sayid are working on: (from Any thoughts?


Lori: That Lost promo was what first got me curious about what Lost was, it was a very clever promo that got a lot of people I know watching Lost!!


hey guys, great podcast.

Just a question, what u got planned for the 3 week break??


Finally! Someone else has seen the Gulligan's Island and Lost connection. Any media wizards out there that can 'find' the "real Guligan's Island"?


ok, just to comment on the idea of Dharma taking the plain down for some purpose unknown to us, I can see why you nwould think that, but have some difficulty believeing it. Ok, so if they were taking ,"Good People", why not take Hurley? I mean, he keeps it up with these numbers everywhere, but becideds that, he seems good. AND if their age came into play, rose it to old as well and Bernard. And if they wanted people they could work with for a while, why would most of these people be in their late 20's to late 30's? I'm not trying to disagree, but if someone can answer these questions for me, then I might be a believe of this theory

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