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Each week we analyze the mysteries, theories and speculation surrounding the show. LOSTCasts is hosted by John Keehler, Robert Stone and Matt Jones.

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Jon W


I'll be listening to this at college tomorrow, just finnished watching it, cant wait to hear it guys

Thanks in advance


Greetings from Poland. Another late night with Lostcasts. I was waiting for it for 2 weeks.



Wow, just finished Eggtown, now i'm confused! I'm going to see if you've made some sense of anything??? Keep up the great work!

Sam from Oakland

number 4 baby!!!!!
can't wait to listen!!!


I bet Tasha's pussy smells fishy.

Matt Lafferty

Thanks, Johan. *sigh*

So the fan forum is great, by the way! Everyone should give it a look-see.


Thanks lads. You have just made my bus journey on thursday alot shorter, If I can hold out until then that is :)


I hate to admit it, but ABBA was not in Xanadu, the band that was in the movie and had a lot of their songs was ELO (Electric Light Orchestra)


All this freckles stuff is a little bit ridiculous. Freckles come and go with the sun - it's silly to expect Evangeline Lilly's complexion to remain constant on the show when she's spending variable amounts of time in the sun in her real life. And her freckleslessness in the flash forward has got to be attributed to her heavy make-up.

I'd say that Sawyer calling her freckles again has more to do with his getting over killing original Sawyer than anything else.


They confirmed on the official podcast that the man Sayid shot in the Seychelles was NOT the "Economist", and it happened before the other flash forward scenes. They cut a scene where Sayid said "I just got back from the Seychelles..." or something.

The island isn't near the Sunda Trench, the "fake" 815 wreckage is. We have no reason to believe the island is near the fake wreckage.


@Matt Laferty

Dude, just admit you like guys. Nobody talks like that except weird, withdrawn library chicks that can't get a date, and fags. If you're gay (and like a hot sausage) in your anal cavity, that's fine - I won't judge. But just come out of your gay-ass closet and admit it already, you freakin' homo.


Well now, that last comment really has nothing too do with at all now does it. Come too think of it nor does this one other than too say you really are a sad bastard johan. Stay lost, except johan you can get lost.


what is wrong with the sound


Well Im glad the cast clarified who the fuck wit was that banned my IP from the second rate forum and he would be JACKEDUPLOCKEDDOWN. I said the word 'shit'.Seriously matey when you get out of school you will hear that alot more,Although it will be directed at you. Pfft keep your shitty forum! no one could care about it anyway.


Well Im glad the cast clarified who the fuck wit was that banned my IP from the second rate forum and he would be JACKEDUPLOCKEDDOWN. I said the word 'shit'.Seriously matey when you get out of school you will hear that alot more,Although it will be directed at you. Pfft keep your shitty forum! no one could care about it anyway.


i thought he banned adam.


Abbaddon is not the smoke monster. I rewatched that scene in hd and it is just his shadow. Yes on youtube it looks like Smokey. That's because it's superpixelated. When will you give your soul over to hd and see the world clearly?


I thought about the interesting problem, and I have a suggestion: why not use "tantalizing?" Since it's derived from the Greek mythological figure Tantalus, it's perfect for Lost. Tantalus' food was always just out of reach, where he could see it, probably smell it, but could never have it. Guess he should have known better than to piss off the big guy, Zeus, who set this as his punishment. Sort of reminiscent of the relationship between Locke and Ben, no? Of course, there are lots of other great words you might choose, but just thought I'd make the suggestion.


If the Island is behind normal time by 31 minutes, 18 seconds per 20 seconds (roughly, by the rocket's delayed arrival vs. proposed arrival) then by my calculations, for each "day" on the island, 93.9 days passes in the outside world. This would put the current on island events (96 days on island) at 24.69 years off-island time passing.

It would seem unlikely that the rocket time-differential is an all-encompassing phenomena, and perhaps was only relevant to the coordinates/direction the rocket was traveling.


**Possible Spoiler Alert**

I have a decent guess on who's in the coffin (Jack referenced the memorial service in the Season 3 Finale, Through the Looking Glass)...and people aren't gonna like it if I'm right (including myself).


It makes the most sense if you think about it, and if you've looked at some of the spoiler info that's already out there. I just hope I'm wrong.

**End of Possible Spoiler Alert**

Mark B


Check out the forum, there has been some discussion on there about the time diostorion.

Current theory there, which may be totally wrong, is that the button pushing in the Swan was holding time in line and it's only since the failsafe that the time has become distorted. This is largely based on the fact that Danielle has been on island for 16 years and Des has been there 3 and he met Jack just before arriving and Jack is not many years older.

If the 31x time distortion is right then post-failsafe has it's been about 2 years and 200 odd days making it sometime in mid-October 2006 which would jibe nicely with the post-island info (the phome, Aaarons age etc).


Maybe someone can help me with this..

If Oceanic Airlines was bought by The Hanso Foundation and now called HansoAir (after Oceanic decalred bankruptcy as of July 2006), why isn't the airline referred to as HansoAir in the flash-forwards? From what I've seen in the FFs and "comercials", everything looks to be still Oceanic..


It's me again..

The HansoAir site looks like it was made by a fan, as I don't see any ABC links... so disregard for my previous post for now, but don't completely leave it off your radars :)


I think we are all in agreeance the forum sucks ass!!


@Robin, I would have to agree with your The forum is moderated by what would seen to be the lowest common denominator.Think I will post here and besides you can say any number of words such as pussy,arse,dick and not get banned!lol


@ "drew"
You forgot cock and dildo.

Yeah, the lowest common denominators can't stand vulgarity for its own sake.And Why? cuz its probably too funny for them
i Think you would be in agreeance

Brad K.

How come I haven't heard anyone say anything about Cindy.

There is someone on the freighter named Cindy thats the name of the flight attendant that was in the tail section of plane and later disappeared when the tailies were crossing the island and then showed up with all those kids when Jack was in the polar bear cage.

I think that Ben's "man" on the freighter.


@ Brad,

Where did you confirm that someone named Cindy is on the freighter?


The flash forwards seem to be getting ever closer to the on-island events. At any rate, each time we see future Jack, he looks more and more together.

My guess is that by the end of the season we'll be at the point where the 6 or so get off the island from the losties perspective, and the point where they get back to reality from the flashforward perspective. That'll tie things up ready to launch into season 5: back to the island!



This spoiler is in regards to LOST: Via Domus, which actually "SHIPS" on the 26th and arrives in stores the 27th. But that's not the spoiler.. :)

Below I have the episode list and youtube channel to basically watch someone play through sections of the game, and Hell - even reveal the ending! So if you want to enjoy the experience for yourself, stop reading NOW.. otherwise: keep reading...

Episode List for LOST: Via Domus

Episode 1: Force Majeure
Episode 2: A New Day
Episode 3: Via Domus
Episode 4: Forty-Two
Episode 5: Hotel Persephone
Episode 6: Whatever it Takes
Episode 7: Worth a Thousand Words

Go to
for the video walkthroughs.
OPINION: THANX TyndelM! You saved me $30.


Me and some friends were talking about the endings for LOST that would be a complete disaster! Here are the comical ones.....

1.) If all this time, the series was a bunch of geeks playing a "Dungeons & Dragons"-type game in a comic shop.

2.) The screen pans back to show the television it's being shown on and then the living room the TV is playing.. then outside the living room window to the outside of the house... to the neighborhood the house is in, then cues to the classic HBO intro from the 80s!

3.)The island is the molecule on the surface of a $5 bill in an old woman's purse that she uses to buy a snowglobe (in it: a polar bear).

4.)It turns out to be a writer pitching a script to a network and the Exec' rejects it, "Who in the Hell would watch something like this? Come back with a reality show and we'll talk.." :)

Brad K.

The person's name who fired that missile deal onto the island was Cindy. I think Daniel said it a couple of times over the phone.

Mark B

@Brad K

It was Regina not Cindy.


great catch on the cindy thing who ever got it first

Vito Andolini


I love this podcast, but quite frequently John is a lot louder than Matt and Robert. This makes me turn the sound up to hear Matt/Robert, but then John is yelling in my ear. It would be awesome if you guys could do a little sound check before starting the show.

Thanks for listening, and again I LOVE the podcast - thanks for taking the time out of your weeks to do it.

Carl in the UK

@ Vito, lol why are you thanking them for listening?


@alan and Brad

The person on the freighter is called REGINA not CINDY. In the Lostpedia transcript it says Regina.

I rewatched the scene just to make sure and Faraday clearly says to Frank he wants to call Regina. When he gets through he asks if it is Regina.

Cindy is on her way to the temple with Alpert and all the other Others.


Very surprising to see a shirtless Sawyer with absolutely no trace of the major gunshot wound to his shoulder in season one (he almost died, remember?)... even Locke still has the scar from his bullet hole.

Brad K.

Yeah, after I posted that comment I rewatched the scene and realized I was wrong. Oops.


Way to go Brad - you dumb shit. Hahahaha - j/k. No seriously, you suck at life.


@ waitingforlost
ah ya grand, i knew there was a girl called regina, hadnt heard if there was one called cindy, thats why i said it was a good catch if there was, i never saw or heard anything about her


Oh...the irony...

Adam K

Mid episode thought, and maybe they'll answer this by the end....but if Des blanks out, in 1996, in Faraday's office for 75 minutes when his consciousness leaps forward to the freighter, then where does the consciousness of 2004 Des go? I thought, initially that they just swapped places, and we were only following the consciousness of 1996 Des, but it seems an incomplete swap....our Des must be going somewhere, no?


Cripes that was a fanspankingtastic episode. This season so far has been near perfection, which is saying a lot given the show's general quality.


@ Adam K

Talking about this with my group right now. I don't think there was a consciousness switch. I think once Desmond was shunted back into the past, and he returned to the present for the first time, he was somehow limited to his past memories. He was disoriented. Only after he found his "constant" did he regain his present day memories.

Anyone else read it that way?


@Adam K,

You can only be conscious at one period in time. Consciousness is self-awareness of the now. Everything else is a memory. What's happening to Desmond is that in 1997, he is remembering the 2006 future when he's awake. In 2006, he's remembering the 1997 past (I know I am off on the exact years, but my head hurts!).

Point is, I think, one can only be aware of the present at any given time. That awareness is based on the memory of what happened immediately proceeding the moment. That's why one needs the anchor. I think it would be like being upside down in deep water or waking up out of long sleep. You're disoriented without a frame of reference.



I agree with that conclusion, but I think it goes further than that. There was a potential paradox with Daniel and Desmond. I can only explain my theory using my hack uncertainty principle, so apologies to any science types in advance...

I base my theory on observation and estimation precision. Looking at an object from far away, may give you a rough idea of its properties. As you get closer to it, you get a more precise and accurate estimate of its properties. Some might argue, on a atomic level, you can never really know something's true property because everything is in constant motion. Anyway...

Looking at Charlie's fate, Desmond was certain that Charlie was going to die, but there was uncertainty around how Charlie was supposed to die. Desmond was seeing possible ways that Charlie could die, and as time went on, the number of possibilities was reduced. He became more certain of Charlie's fate. But it was only as he was witnessing the event, that he could be truly certain. Imagine that Desmond lives another 50 years...As he gets further away from the event, he'll be less certain about it. He'll remember Charlie died, but he might forget what Charlie was wearing that day (or some other detail).

So carry the same theory over to The Constant. Desmond is capable of remembering both the past and the future. Daniel is somehow similarly affected. Past Desmond is struggling to remember details of his future. Future Desmond is having a hard time remember details of his past (like Penny's #). Daniel had written Desmond's name in the book, but only remembered writing it (and meeting Desmond) as they got closer to the event horizon. There's no cause and effect. It always happened that way. It will always keep happening that way. The perception of the participants just changes as they're on the timeline.

I think it's a direct parallel to Slaughterhouse Five (, which I think was mentioned in an earlier episode.


Realizing I didn't complete the original thought of the post...

The memories of Daniel and Desmond become clearer as there is less uncertainty. Their perceptions were clouded by all the possible uncertainty, which is what would have caused a paradox. There never was a real danger of a paradox because of the way time supposedly works in the show, but their minds couldn't grasp that. In a sense, they were both walking through a fog until things became clear.


That was a mind fucking episode.. but a few things
1) Faraday knows that Desmond is his constant , so he has to make sure that Des goes on the helicopter back to the ship, and he knows what is going to happen. He played Des pretty well, and thats why they have a picture of Des and Penny. Faraday knows that is the future and has to make sure he is safe and has a constant.
2) Faraday said that a person conscious travels in time, and not anything else. So when Des travels to 1997 to 2004 and back and forward, his body remains as an empty shell until he arrives again.
3) Time travel, or moving through time seems to be more and more of a theme...
4) What was the point of the Black Rock diary of the First Mate? Seems he knew something about what was going on in the island, leading Penny's dad to want the book.
5) Penny mentioned that she'd been looking for Des for 3 years non stop. He's been gone for 8 total, so why wait 5 years to start looking? What happened?


6) Could that explain why Des was kicked out of the Army? His flash forwards make him nuts and he had to leave? We asked (what seems like years ago) why Des would be kicked out of the Army, now we may know...



none of the above


If the forum is so bad why not post your comments about LOST here rather than just bitching and moaning about the forum here ?

Adam K

I would think the Black Rock diary auction was there to tie together a further connection between Wittmore (sp?) and Hanso, since they said the only ones who knew of the diary's contents were the family of the original owner, Hanso.


@ "none of the above",
Like johan, mitch loves irony.


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