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Each week we analyze the mysteries, theories and speculation surrounding the show. LOSTCasts is hosted by John Keehler, Robert Stone and Matt Jones.

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Thanks guys, been waiting all evening, so glad to have a new podcast!

Tom T

Thanks guys! Keep up the good work :D

Jon W

Excuse the swearing

But what a fucking episode

Looking forward to the cast, as ever


Have yet to listen to the cast, but I'm seeing a lot of wild theories about the 'rules' that Ben feels has changed. Couldnt the rules simply be: "dont involve family members"?


I wanted to hear Bob's opinion on the episode!




Thank you again guys for the excellent service you provide


OMGZ! I can't BUHLEEVE you took a PERSONAL CALL! I don't download this to hear your personal calls, I download it to listen to your LOST theories!!
Haha, jokes. Great episode guys, keep it up!


Thanks for another great podcast!

Tom T

I know we all assume something happens to Claire (for Aaron to be in Kate's care in the flash-forwards) - but did Miles' comment to Claire, "Not yet..." after she said "I'm not dead yet" validate this?

We don't know the full extent of Miles' abilities, but he seemed to say it quite knowingly and quickly after she spoke.

Just throwing it out there.


Actually, Claire said to the group that she would live.
And Miles responded, "I wouldn't be so sure of that".

I think that this is a hint that Claire will not make it off the island.

"Australia is the key to the whole game!".....

Ola Laurin

Regarding the morse code: I don't understand what you're talking about. Bernard called his bluff since he too knew Morse code. Or did i just hallucinate?

Ola Laurin

My bad! You're right, that's what Bernard revealed. So many twists in that last episode that i got confused :)


Alright, everyone... at the request of one JG, I'm coming back to the LostCAST boards. And, just to claim a little victory here, I want to post part of a theory that I first put up on this board on APRIL 4, 2007!!!

Here was the theory:


Screw that sonic fence. The Others control Smokey and they use him for protection. They use him for all sorts of purposes. I'm making this one up as I go, but I'm sort of excited about it. See what you think.

The foundation of this theory is that, as I said above, the Others have some sort of mild telepathic ability -- or at least some way to interface with the Island's mysterious powers -- and that Cerberus also functions using some of that mysterious energy. I'm wondering if the Others' connection to that telepathy allowed them to originally create, and now control, Cerberus.

Here's my evidence, and it covers almost the whole Lost mythology (so apologies again for the width and breadth). I'll try to go in some chronological order:

(1) Cerberus encounters the crash survivors immediately

What happens as soon as the Others see Flight 815 break apart overhead? Ben orders Goodwin and Ethan to make their way to the camps of survivors, to take down lists of names. But right away on the first night, we also hear Cerberus rumbling through the jungle. Could it have been gathering information on the survivors as it gathered information about Eko? At least enough to let the Others know who was present on their Island? (If anyone else has information they think contributes to this first point, share it, because I don't think I'm getting it all here)

(2) Cerberus goes to the cockpit

Jack, Charlie and Kate wander off to the cockpit, to try and find a transponder so that they can signal help. Smokey's all over it. Why? Because the Others want to keep the survivors away from the cockpit and all that equipment like nobody's business. In the same way that they don't want the survivors to have a sailboat and have been extremely protective of every bit of information that the survivors know, they sure as sh!t don't want the survivors to contact the outside world. What's another way they make sure that doesn't happen? They take out the pilot! I was always struggling for a reason to understand why the pilot died immediately... it wasn't like he was being judged like Eko... there wasn't enough time for him to really have merited any attention from Smokey or the Others... unless the mere fact that he was a *pilot* was enough to have him killed. The Others had their security system Cerberus get to the cockpit, take out the pilot, and then chase Jack, Kate and Charlie away from the part of the plane that had the most sophisticated navigation and communication equipment -- perfectly in tune with what we know the Others' motivations to be.

(3) Cerberus animates Jack's Dad

This is under some debate, but there are enough of us out there to think that Cerberus takes the form of, or animates, dead people -- Jack's Dad and Yemi included. With Jack's Dad, I think the Others have realized that Jack isn't on Jacob's list -- meaning he's one of the good guys, and that Christian Shepard can be used to help Jack out... to lead him to fresh water and the caves.

(4) Cerberus encounters Locke

Locke is another one that the Others' like -- Ben has said so on multiple occasions now. And, continuing with the Others' control of Cerberus theme, Cerberus encounters Locke in the jungle the first time Locke is hunting for boar. Locke looks into the center of Cerberus and says that what he saw was "beautiful". Later, because Locke is one of the "good ones" the Others have decided that they want him. We now know that Ben knew that he had cancer and that Locke had regained use of his legs... and that Ben wanted Locke to help him understand how it was that the Island was helping his health. Is it such a stretch to imagine that when Cerberus was trying to pull Locke down into one of its Vents, it was really the Others trying to get an early hold of Locke, to bring him over to their camp?

(5) Rousseau calls Cerberus a "security system"

This is sort of the obvious support for the theory here, but it deserves a little more credence since we can be pretty sure that Rosseau is more involved with Dharma and the Others than she previously said. If Rousseau is really the last Dharma, as I suspect, then she knows more about Cerberus than she says. If she calls it a security system, she's probably right... and if she's Dharma and she's scared of Cerberus, it likely also means that the Others control Cerberus, and that's why she needs to stay away from it... just as she stays away from the Flame Station and the Others' village.

* * * * *

Anyway, really sorry for the length this time, but when things start to fit together, the words just keep coming.

If any of you can think of other examples/reasons why Cerberus might be under the Others control, I'd really like to hear them.

And I hope this next missive is at least reasonably on target.


Posted by: Radzinsky | April 04, 2007 at 03:44 PM

jacob is walt



Now then... moving on to this episode... I know I'm coming a little late to the party, and I'm going to crib from some of the posts that were on the prior link, but I've got a pretty solid theory about Ben, the Orchid Station and teleportation:


Here's the short version of this theory. The Orchid Station, made famous in the orientation video that was circulated at the San Diego Comicon, houses a wormhole that allows for teleportation/time travel, due to the Island's unique properties. This might not be the central mystery of the Island, but it's certainly a big part of it. I'll build this theory up step-by-step:

(1) The Orchid Station Orientation Video

First off, our Asian narrator is back. Formerly Marc Wickmund and Marvin Candle, he is now Edgar Halliwax. Although, in this video, he has both arms intact. You can see the video here: Halliwax begins by apologizing for deceiving the viewer by telling him that the Orchid was not a botanical research station. He goes on to say that the Island has a certain "Casimir Effect," which, if you look on Wikipedia, is a phenomenon associated with quantum mechanics, wormholes and faster than light travel. Later in the video, bunny #15 appears to duplicate, hysteria ensues, and Halliwax shouts about keeping the bunnies separate -- likely to avoid creating a paradox.

(2) Charlotte Discovers a Polar Bear Skeleton

In the second episode of this season, we meet Charlotte Staples Lewis (a derivative of C.S. Lewis, implying that she's been to the Island once before -- read Narnia: Prince Caspian for details). She's in the desert in Tunisia and she discovers a polar bear skeleton in the sand, with it's characteristic Dharma logo collar, from the Hydra Station. We don't quite know what to make of the skeleton at first, but Lindelof and Cuse, in an official podcast, told us to pay attention to the Orchid video and the polar bear skeleton, and remarked that the polar bear and the bunny have similarities.

(3) Ben Wakes Up Shivering & Steaming

Then, this week, we see Ben awake in the middle of the Sahara, also in Tunisia. He's red-faced, he's shivering with cold, and he is literally steaming. Fresh from the Arctic, anyone? He's wearing a heavy coat with the name "Halliwax" on it and the coat also bears a Dharma logo that we haven't seen before, a large series of concentric circles, shrinking to a single point. Ben also looks to have a pretty severe cut on his arm.

(4) Putting It All Together

It's no great leap to assume that the Orchid Station houses a wormhole and that Ben travels through the wormhole at some point soon. It may not be in October 2005 (as he is told in by the hotel clerk). After all, it is hard to know how much time will pass when Ben steps through the wormhole. But it is clear that Ben was most definitely SOMEWHERE ELSE before he winds up in the Tunisian desert.

Not only is he in a jacked that at one point belonged to Halliwax, but the new Dharma Orchid logo looks very much like a portal -- the concentric circles collapsing on themselves is sort an established image of a portal or teleportation. The gash on Ben's arm is also interesting. Pure coincidence that Halliwax/Candle/Wickmund loses an arm at one point? Might he lose it experimenting with the Orchid wormhole? I am doubtful, but the connection is intersting.

So the question remains: where was Ben? Where did he come from? Where is the Orchid Station? Conventional wisdom suggests that he was someplace cold, even arctic, and some have drawn connections between the Orchid Station and the listening post where Penny had her two Portuguese-speaking guys that called her on the night that Desmond turned the key.

I'd like to propose an alternate explanation. The Orchid Station is on the Island -- it may not be in the arctic -- but, in order to use it, you face extreme temperature change. Maybe the process of wormhole travel itself is extremely cold. And, once you're done with it, it punts you out into blistering heat in the Tunisian desert. Dharma would need an especially robust test subject to experiment with the wormhole, something that could handle climatic extremes.

Now then, if you remember back to the Blast Door map that trapped Locke, you may recall this entry in the lower right-hand corner of the map: "Stated Goal: Repatriation accelerated de-territorialization of ursus maritimus [polar bear] through gene therapy and extreme climate change." Starting to sound familiar to anyone? The polar bears were Dharma's test subjects in the Orchid wormhole -- hence the skeleton in the Tunisian desert that Charlotte discovered -- and the reason they were exposing the polar bears to extreme heat was to help them survive the trip through the wormhole to the Sahara and back.

* * * * *

So... that might not be rocket science to everyone reading this, but I hope you find it interesting. I've got another observation or two about Smokey/Cerberus and what I think is going to happen next week. Might save those for later today.



hey thanks for the shout out on the time loop post.

Matt Lafferty

John, Matt, and Robert: You should include Robert's supposed half of the phone conversation next time... like how Boone and Bernard spoke on the radio, and we eventually saw both halves!


Excerpts from LOST's Rules of Combat:

04. Some cover is better than no cover.
(eg. Picnic tables can block bullets)
08. Radios never work while under fire.
15. Dynamite is dynamite - whether wet or dry.
16. The best swimmer for the situation is most likely to drown.
23. NEVER wear a red shirt on the Island!
42. Need a gun? Ask Ben for one. He *never* runs out.

Thiago Alves

Anyone notice that Windmore said to Ben:
"I know who you are. I know WHAT you are!"


Tom T

The extreme temperature change associated that could be associated with the teleportation/wormhole reminds me of the early (& Movie) Stargate shows where extreme cold was felt when passing through the Stargate (but I think they phased it out because it was kinda pointless and would probably get annoying over several series!).


Have i missed something or has everybody forgot,about Des telling Charlie,he saw in his Flashforward Clare and Aaron getting on a choppper.Hence leading Charlie to go down to the Looking Glass.

Sam from Oakland

so I found this kinda cool website that shows something interesting. Apparently it's pretty legit.

check it out and post what you think

Mike in the Box

Sorry Sam, it is not legit. All of the legit LOST related web pages are registered to ABC or an affiliate. Your site is hosted via google and is most likely a fan-created knock off. It is an interesting find, but I am doubtful it is legit.

martin d

Hey, in the Podcast, there was a wrong refrence in the Sherlock Holmes Story. The Reichenbach Falls are in Meiringen Switzerland and not in Scottland. Love your Podcast. Martin from Switzerland.


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