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Hey Guys

Thanks for the mention last podcast, really made my week. Try and watch live this week if I can as im off work.

Thought this weeks episode was very good but it seems like we are in for a change of pace from now on to the finale. Damon tweeted this week that the conversation would change from next week on. Not sure what that means but sounds good.

Also, seems like some of the actors are happy with the end of the show after getting the final script.


Hey guys, I was wondering if you guys could cover how this story is really starting to follow a lot of Tempest parallels, particularly in recent episodes. We've seen the Man in Black mention that he has a crazy mother (Sycorax), Jacob's been revealed as the force containing evil on the island (Prospero/Ariel), and he has descendants and followers who question him to some degree (Miranda, etc.). Man in Black and Jacob are both supernatural beings, bordering on the magical, and their struggle was an example of morality in the Victorian era, in which Caliban's "savageness" was a result of his accession to all impulses, scorning notions of willful self-control. There is also a dispute over the degree to which Caliban is human in regard to his form.

What's interesting is that Caliban was originally interpreted as a full-blown villain in the tale (his name is the Spanish word for cannibal, but with a letter switched), but over time has been viewed in a more sympathetic light, akin to Shylock in Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice. Could the Man in Black be in line for similar treatment? There are a lot of questions that are popping up that essentially ask, "How good is Jacob?" With that in mind it's interesting to examine the parallels with a major work of literature that's a clear inspiration to this television show.

scott in philly

this should be one of the lowest rated episodes... boring.

Mike in the Box

I don't know if anyone has mentioned this, but there is obviously an important "mirror" theme this season. With the exception of Ab Aeterno, every episode features at least one scene of someone being reflected in a mirror or other reflective surface. Lostpedia has a compiled list of occurances.

I can't help but think that this reflection/mirror image theme is going to prove very important.

Chris in Oly

Also, don't ignore the Hamlet references in The Package. *Spoilers of Hamlet follow - (which everyone should see at least once) *

Jin reprises Rosencrantz (or Guildenstern) delivering a watch and cash that indicate to kill him.

Lots of Daddy issues in the play, and ghosts of the past talking to people. There might be a parallel in that the people fighting over the throne end up in lies and plots, like Jacob and Locke-ness Monster. Maybe the end will be everyone dead and flashed over to the other side; with only Desmond left like Horatio to tell the story of that timeline.

Ian (Liverpool, UK)

Great to see Mikhail back - who needs an eye patch by the end of his appearance :-)

And the content of the locked room was.....DESMOND !
WOO HOO - let the fun and games begin !

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