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Each week we analyze the mysteries, theories and speculation surrounding the show. LOSTCasts is hosted by John Keehler, Robert Stone and Matt Jones.

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Thanks for the podcasts guys and gal. I enjoyed listening to your thoughts over the last few years.


Hey Lads

Thank you so much for all the hours and hours of entertainment and analysis you have given us over the last couple of years.

I hope you didn't take the bad comments on the board to heart, your real fans appreciated all the time and effort you put in.

I know I was very grateful to have the podcasts on many a long bus journey. I actually listened from the start again when I was traveling around South America in 2008 and it was a blast listening to the old theory casts again, ( John was sticking to his guns for a long time on the Philadelphia experiment :) )

I will miss the podcasts as much as the show itself as it was the perfect companion and an episode wasn't complete without a podcast analysis.

Thank you again and Stay LOST....

Steven from Ireland.

P.S. Thanks again for the mention a few podcast ago, really made my year :D


Thanks guys,it's been a blast !


Really enjoyed listening to the podcasts they were both witty and informative


You guys made Lost more than a TV show for me.

Ed Spillane

Great, great podcast...thanks for the unique way you approached the podcast--bringing the best comments from the various boards to the podcast, etc.

MadTown Rachel

Yours was the first LOST podcast I listened to. And it was great all the way through to the end. Thanks for sharing all the fun of LOST and best wishes to all of you!


Thank you all so much. Your podcasts were very much part of the entire LOST experience and I enjoyed every one !

Becky Frasure

Thanks so much for hanging in there and podcasting till the end! I enjoyed your podcasts very much.


Thanks for all your time and hard work!
I didn't start watching Lost until early in the third season and had to watch all the previous episodes to catch up. It wouldn't have been nearly as much fun without LostCasts!
Cheers to the best Lost podcast out there!


Thank you for 4 years of great podcasting!


thanks for the first few years of your podcast. the last year or so was a complete waste of time. i kept listening in the hopes that you would put forth more effort, but you clearly didn't give a shit anymore. sad. glad youre done so none of us have to waste any more time.


Like others said - you were really part of the experience for me. My virtual office lunch friends! Thanks.


I want to thank you guys ( and girl) for all the podcasts all these years.
In stead of watching Lost again, I will listen to your podcasts this summer.


Thanks for the great podcasts guys, your podcasts were an integral part of the whole Lost experience to the point where an episode of Lost felt incomplete without a lostcast to accompany it.

But this neednt be the end... the dvd release of Season6 will have bonus features and around a 20min feature of Hurley and Ben's story of how they protected the island as well as answering a few of the unsolved mysteries (Hurley bird and Walt for example)

It would be cool if you guys could get together to do one final lostcast to cover this.


Thanks a ton for all the podcasts over the years! LostCasts was the first podcast I ever listened to, and indeed, you'll brought me into the podcasting world in general. I've been listening to a dozen other Lost podcasts for a couple of years now, but you guys introduced me to this pleasure in the first place.

Your discussions for seasons 5 and 6 weren't quite as exciting as the ones you'll used to have for seasons 2 and 3 (which is strange cause the latter seasons have been far more exciting than the earlier ones)...And you'll missed too many episodes, but what the hey, it's still been a great ride! So thanks a lot.

P.S: A special thanks to you John, who has honestly been the only one among all of you who was really "in it" right till the end. You even podcasted a couple of times all by yourself, so hats off to ya.


You guys were my first podcast and are my favorite podcast. Thanks so much for all the time you guys put into to it. I always enjoyed listening to the show and i'm sad it's not going to be recording anymore. Again, thanks so much for a great podcast

louis vuitton

Like others said - you were really part of the experience for me. My virtual office lunch friends! Thanks. gucci

Rob Vandenberg

I Thank you too. And I think I've enjoyed it as much as you did. Thanks for this digital friendship guys.
See you in another life brother


Loney Childress

Thanks for the podcast guys. It's kept me on top of things since Season 2.

Black Eyed Dog

Your podcasts were always fun and informative--Thanks very much for all your work.

Chris in Oly

Like others, this was the first LOST podcast I listened to and my favorite. Made the series a lot more fun. Thanks!


Thank you for your podcast!!!

scott in philly

I don't know how to quit you!

best podcast ever!

oh, and I really live in Michigan.


I can't stop dropping by every day. Seems this website hasn't finished with ME yet!!! Cheers everybody here for the great input it's been a great place to visit. All the best everybody


Excellent stuff. I discovered th podcast midway through season 2 and never picked another lost podcast after that. Well done!


Loved the podcast

Tom in Cambridge, UK

Just before deleting you from my Favorites bar (sniffle!), I want to say thank you. You made it a richer, more engaging and more enjoyable experience. Best wishes for your futures, namaste.


There were a few times I wondered if you guys would quit podcasting, so I'm really glad you ended up sticking it out through the finale. Enjoyed listening to y'all!


I was an avid fan of your Podcast. But 2 years ago I got sick and wasn't able to watch TV, I am recovering now and more than anything I hope to watch the last few seasons of Lost and be reacquainted with Lostcasts. The show wouldn't have been the same without you guys and everybody on the forum, I wish you all well. Legends!


Hi I'm Bennie from Richmond, VA just wanted to say thank you so much for leaving up these podcasts... I wasn't able to watch Lost from the beginning, so I waited for the series to end before beginning my journey this summer via Netflix... the one thing that's been tough is that this is the sort of show you want to talk to people about each episode as you watch it, and I don't have anyone who's going through it with me. Listening to these podcasts after I watch each episode has let me travel back in time to when each show was fresh and new and spawning excited chatter among the fans and helping to make the journey that much more exciting. Thank you!!


If anyone is interested in a LOST re-watch, The 2Bit Podcasters are doing a complete 6 season recap starting in September. Breaking down each episode, answering the "unanswered" questions, and truly figuring out how much they really had planned from the beginning.

Check them out here:

Tom T

Thanks so much guys, loved the podcasts over the years - it really has been part of the Lost experience for me. I don't think there will be anything like it for a very, very long time, and that includes companion podcasts for such a different kind of show.
Good luck with everything for the future!

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